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Voorpret: the joy or anticipation of a fun event.

We named our company after the Dutch word "Voorpret" which means 'joy or pleasure ahead and in anticipation of the actual fun event.' We thought this perfectly captures the feeling you get when you enter one of our giveaways. You never know if you may win big!


We're passionate about connecting influencers and small shops with each other in order to host giveaways on Instagram and their blogs. There are a lot of people out there who host loop giveaways but not all of them are real. After participating in a scam giveaway, we were motivated to start something new that would operate on a principal of trust and accountability 


These small, mostly women-owned businesses who host giveaways with us don't have a large corporate budget to give back to their followers or for advertising. But, when they work together to host giveaways, everyone wins. They award loyal followers while expanding their online footprint. Entrants can easily discover their new favorite shop or profile while having a chance to win real, amazing prizes. 




"Looking forward to another amazing giveaway with you!"

- Natalie F.-

"Thank you! I know these are a lot to organize and I appreciate what you do!"

- Melanie C. -

"Best managed giveaway I’ve ever participated in - love it!"

- Katie O. -