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Entering is easy! Use the widget below to enter. You can earn points for every action you take (follow someone on Instagram, click through to a blog post, etc) The more actions you take, the more points you win! The widget will randomly pick a winner, so your odds increase with the more points you have!

Make sure to actually do an action as we check to make sure you really entered correctly and will not award prizes to people lying.


1-3 times a month, you can find brand new giveaways here on this page or on Instagram @voorpreti! We are a group of women who own blogs or small stores who believe that by working together, we can all achieve our goals. We team up together to host giveaways. Through giveaways, we get to expand our online footprint and you hopefully can discover your new favorite account to follow - and of course, someone will win a really great prize!


Most past winners are listed and tagged on our Instagram Giveaway profile here

Congrats to Tasha who won $500 to Sephora in Feb

Congrats to Megan who won $500 to Sephora in Jan

Congrats to Wendy F who won $500 to Amazon in October!

Congrats to Troi who won a Gucci bag in October!

Congrats to Athena who won $500 to Amazon in September!

Congrats to Katie who won $750 to Nordstrom in August!

Congrats to Aliena who won $750 to Sephora in June!

Congrats to Erin who won $500 to Southwest in June!

Congrats to Kathrine from Minnesota who won $1000 to Target in May!

Congrats to Chloe G of Flordia who won our March Target Gift Card Giveaway!

Congrats to Kasey of California who won our Feb iPhone + Makeup Giveaway!