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Secret Instagram Giveaway


Prize: $500 Sephora  Gift Card

Dates: Feb 6th - Feb 10th 2019


A secret Instagram giveaway hosted through @voorpreti! These giveaways are our most popular and average around 800-1.2k new followers, sometimes earning up to 1.9k new followers. 


You do NOT have to post anything to your feed!


Our giveaways are promoted by Instagram ads (no sponsors!) Sponsors are unreliable in terms of followers. We use ads so we 100% know we have control over who enters the giveaway. NOBODY ELSE IS DOING THIS TYPE OF GIVEAWAY! Ads for this giveway will be targeted towards USA-based women ages 18-35 who like Sephora, beauty, fashion and reading blogs, among some other hype-foucsed targeting measures.


We track everyone's starting and ending numbers. Keep in mind that if you took part in a giveaway recently, you may loose followers duing the giveaway and thus not earn as many followers as the group.  

Feb 6th Secret IG Giveaway

  • A secret Instagram giveaway hosted on @voorpreti

  • Every giveaway yields different results. I cannot guarantee the number of new followers you will gain or how many emails you will grow your list by. Prizes subject to change and you will be alerted if this happens. Sending payment means you accept the risks in these type of giveaways.
    Refunds are not given. If purchase a posting spot and do not post, you will be removed from the giveaway and not given a refund.