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Blog Rafflecopter Giveaway


Prize: $500 Cash (via PayPal)

Dates:  March 2nd - March 16th 2019


Blog rafflecopter giveaways are great ways to grow your email list AND grow your following on multiple social channels at once! Past giveaways have earned 1,000-2,000+ emails for your newsletter plus 500+ new followers per channel!


  • You get 3 links to put in the widget. 
  • You can change these links once during the duration of the giveaway.
  • Links accepted are: Facebook page, Instagram profile, Twitter profile, Pinterest profile, YouTube profile, blog, blog posts, affiliate links, utm links. Links to your email newsletter are NOT accepted as everyone gets a list of emails after the giveaway. 


You MUST put the widget on two of your blog posts for the duration of the giveaway.

You also MUST do 2 Instagram Stories and one Tweet or Facebook post about the giveaway. If you fail to comply, your links will be removed from the giveaway and you will not receive a refund. 



March 2nd BLOG Giveaway

  • All the influencers and small shops (hosts) who particapte will put the blog giveaway widget on their own blog and direct their readers to enter. We "share" traffic and readers in this easy contest! 

  • Every giveaway yields different results. While we work hard to meet the estimation, we cannot guarantee the number or type of new followers you will gain, how much traffic your site will earn or how many emails you will grow your list by. Prizes subject to change and you will be alerted if this happens. Sending payment means you accept the risks in these type of giveaways. Refunds are not given. If you participate in a blog giveaway and do not add the widget to your blog and/or promote on social, you will be removed from the giveaway and not given a refund. If you participate in a posting giveaway and do not post, you will be removed from the giveaway and not given a refund.